Desk-top calculators (Nov, 1970)

Only $349, what a bargain! Of course that’s roughly $1900 in 2007 dollars so you could buy a pretty nice computer for that price. Who exactly spent that much money on a four function calculator?

Desk-top calculators
Here’s a handy item to keep at your fingertips. Despite the simplicity of the keyboard, this 12-digit calculator can perform all the basic functions and, in addition, multiply with a constant and carry forward a grand total. It’s $349 from Casio Enterprises, Long Island City, N.Y. 11101.

  1. Remek says: April 21, 20081:22 am

    Ah, yes, I remember the various dedicated calculator stores that sprang up quickly in both strip and larger malls in the early/mid-70’s.
    They were the forerunners of the early personal computer stores, displaying and selling whatever was available in the very early days of consumer computational high(est)-tech electronics.

  2. Myles says: April 21, 20089:33 am

    I remember my Dad had an early $300 or so calculator. It was about the size of a regular caclulator, but was very thick and heavy with a red LED display. The cool thing about it was it was portable. The cost was not a problem if it made your job more efficient.

  3. Max says: April 21, 20081:01 pm

    My dad also had an early electronic calculator costing around $300, with a red LED display. I think it had about six functions. These calculators sold very well among engineers, because they were both a status symbol and a useful tool at work. They were in fact the very beginning of a revolution in electronics (made possible by integrated circuits) that ultimately led to personal computers.

  4. Richard C says: April 21, 20082:04 pm

    This calculator has a Nixie tube display. More info on the model can be found here: http://www.oldcalculato…

  5. blast says: April 21, 20089:22 pm

    Don’t miss the TV ads of the period.

    Two are available at… and… — I love showing these to unsuspecting youngsters.

    Only eight years later, my dad bought a stack of LED scientific calculators for the family… they were cheap enough to give to every kid.

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