Device Awakens Sleeper With Water In The Face (Sep, 1938)

I had a similar device that would pour water on me when I refused to get up for school. I called her Mom.

Device Awakens Sleeper With Water In The Face

NOT even an alarm clock and radio will awaken Richard Hess, 21-year-old senior in Columbia College, Columbia University, so he rigged up this odd contraption to overcome his reluctance to get up at 7 a. m.

When the alarm clock sounds, the paste pot weight is released thus turning on the radio and tipping a glass of water perched on a plank over his head, pouring the contents in his face. The glass is tied to the plank so that it will not fall in the sleeper’s face and possibly neutralize the refreshing affect of the water. The device starts to operate when a loop tied around the alarm clock key slips off as the key turns.

  1. fluffy says: August 4, 201111:55 am

    Who else immediately thought of those ITT Tech ads from the 90s where someone built an alarm clock that sets off a cumbersome Rube Goldberg contraption that ends with him barely stopping it from pouring water on him?

  2. Hirudinea says: August 4, 20115:02 pm

    I had a dog that woke me up in a similar fashion once, ONCE!

  3. Zha Zhaaa says: August 4, 20116:33 pm

    Two words… Water Boarding!

  4. jayessell says: August 5, 20118:48 am

    There’s a cartoon that does something similar.

    The alarm clock rings, pulls off the sheet, and slaps the feet with it.

    One of the ‘Grampy’ cartoons?

  5. Rick s. says: August 5, 201112:41 pm

    “This is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.”


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