Diagonal Bathtub Is Revolutionary (Jul, 1934)

Diagonal Bathtub Is Revolutionary

THE introduction of a new diagonal bathtub marks the first major change in bathtub design since the first installation in 1841.

Though the new tub is but four feet square, it has just as much room for bathing as the rectangular tubs. The bathing recess extends diagonally across the corners, with two seats in opposite corners. Mothers can sit comfortably while bathing children. The seat in the rear is very convenient to use while taking a shower. All plumbing is concealed under the rim.

  1. fluffy says: July 18, 20089:28 am

    I wonder if in 80 years it will seem this funny and “well, duh” when people come across old articles about how revolutionary the iPhone (or insert any technology, really) was.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: July 19, 200810:04 am

    What surprises me is that they drew a naked man instead of a woman in a skimpy bathing suit.

  3. blueferretdog says: July 20, 20084:41 am

    We have that style of tub in our old farmhouse, I would like to replace it with one with a better finish, I don’t think they make them anymore.

  4. DG says: February 3, 200910:08 pm

    My grandparents had a pink one in their pink/black bathroom in 1956. I loved it!! And I cant find one anywhere and I want one any suggestions?

  5. fluffy says: February 3, 200910:12 pm

    Looks like there’s still a few suppliers. Try a Google search for “diagonal bathtub” – this one comes up pretty quick. You’d probably have better luck looking for jacuzzi-style bathtubs though, since those often come in designer colors and can be mounted in a corner (they’re quite a bit pricier though).

  6. Jessica says: June 22, 20107:07 am

    We have a diagonal tub in our house and I don’t know how I could live without it. As the add says, it really does make bathing children easier — not to mention storage instead of hanging things on the wall/around the shower head — not to mention ‘assistance’ when….well, we’ll leave it at that.

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