Dictaphone® the sound you can see (Oct, 1961)

Dictaphone® the sound you can see

The “sound you can see” means savings you can see! If you let a Dictaphone Time-Master dictating machine take dictation for your secretary, you save money.

In terms of dollars and cents, this advanced method will record your messages far more economically and conveniently. And it will free your secretary for a multitude of other duties.

For the Time-Master utilizes the most practical recording medium ever developed for dictation-the unique Dictabelt Record, the “sound you can see.” Recording is on visible tone grooves. You always know exactly where you are. There’s no rehandling, you get a fresh surface every time for just pennies.

As the most experienced name in the field, Dictaphone Corporation is best qualified to help you reduce a very substantial drain on profits. Why not have a Dictaphone Representative survey your needs today?

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