Did YOU Ever Dream of Being a Great Canal Builder – – like Goethals? (Mar, 1922)

Did YOU Ever Dream of Being a Great Canal Builder – – like Goethals?

THE greatest men are the greatest dreamers. In youth they look years ahead and picture themselves doing the big things that later thrill the admiring world. As boys—they imagine themselves directing the boring of gigantic tunnels underneath towering mountain passes. They see mammoth transoceanic ships—like floating castles—Leviathans— all creatures of their own creative brain. They see great ship canals—channeling through trackless jungles in spite o£ a thousand obstacles that had threatened failure.

All this they see in their youthful dreams. But at last it comes—the great day in which the dream comes true.

What Happened Between Dream and Success ?

Did these men sit back and dream idly? No. No. They had the good judgment to know they must prepare themselves for their great chance. They began by determinedly taking the first step early in life.

The First Step to Success One of the first steps to engineering success is DRAFTING—a knowledge of MECHANICAL DRAWING. Goethals— the builder of the Panama Canal—learned it. All great engineers and inventors learned it. Edison—John Hays Hammond—Steinmetz —McAdoo—all learned DRAFTING early in their careers.

But in their day no DRAFTING course existed that was not packed with theory and mathematical difficulties. It’s different now. To-day the Columbia School of Drafting can teach you DRAFTING in from six to ten months in your spare time at home. Think of it—only 6 to 10 months on a study that can start you to success equal to that of Goethals. You may be the next Goethals. Destiny is always calling for such men but remember this—destiny calls only men who are prepared.

Columbia Course Is Easy Hundreds- of Columbia graduates are already started, equipped with the first essential of DRAFTING success—expert draftsmanship. These men, without special education, became DRAFTING experts in less than a year and are to-day employed at salaries ranging From $35 to $100 a Week One of them recently planned and laid out the famous Arlington Memorial Amphitheatre at Washington. Others have done equally well. You can do just as well.

When you start the course, we’ll send you a complete “MECHANICAL DRAWING outfit and a professional set of highest grade DRAFTING instruments to use throughout the course and after you become a professional draftsman.

Help in Finding a Job We put behind you our Students Employment Bureau in helping you secure a position that will pay well. We have helped hundreds of our graduates and are regularly receiving requests for more of our trained draftsmen from some of the country’s biggest industrial plants.

Even though Destiny may never call upon you to do the work of a Goethals—yet substantial advancement is always open to you. As you forge ahead from Draftsman to Chief Draftsman and from that to Engineer, to Production and Plant Manager and so on —you keep going on up the salary ladder until your income nets you $15,000 a year and over. There’s really no limit to what you can accomplish in this profession. The start is the thing that counts.

Don’t say you haven’t the education or the talent or the time. You have everything you need—as much and probably more than many of our most successful graduates had. Show that you have the determination to start on your career to-day by mailing the attached coupon right now.


Send For This Free Book “Your Future In Drafting”

which tells in detail how the Columbia Method prepares you for success.

ROY C. CLAFLIN. President, Columbia School of Drafting, Dept. 1682. Washington. D. C.

I want to make more money. Tell me how Columbia Training will help me; send me your booklet “Your Future In Drafting” and a sample copy of “The Compass.”

  1. Charlene says: January 11, 20111:55 pm

    All the time, buddy. All the time.

  2. Mike says: January 11, 20114:23 pm

    I do have that dream, but for some reason whenever I try the police remove me from my backhoe and arrest me.

  3. Toronto says: January 11, 20114:37 pm

    When I think of the hours I spent drawing 16 point ellipses and dealing with those bloody pens…

    But like metal shop (the “make a hammer with hand tools” sort of thing) drafting did teach some interesting indirect lessons.

  4. Stephen says: January 12, 20116:35 am

    And nowadays, if you want an ellipse, you just start up TurboCAD, choose the ellipse tool, click and drag.

  5. Toronto says: January 12, 20118:48 am

    Stephen: Yeah, but TurboCanalbuilder is still in beta.

  6. Jari says: January 12, 20115:53 pm

    Canals, no. But spaceships and moon-bases, yes.

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