DIM MAK – “The Death Touch” (Feb, 1970)

DIM MAK – “The Death Touch”

in this exclusive book!


The BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY is the WORLD’S DEADLIEST FIGHTING ORGANIZATION which has included in its closed membership the top fighting experts of the DREADED CHINESE TONG SOCIETY – the oriental, and more vicious counterpart of the Mafia. Its members, who are the world’s top Masters in the oriental fistic and grappling arts, train in the most SECRET and FORBIDDEN aspects of the DEADLY Chinese fighting arts of GUNG FU. TAI CHI CHUAN, CHUAN-FA, KEMPO. HSING Yl, PA-KUA, SHAOLIN BOXING and DIM MAK.

Until recently the forbidden training secrets of the society have been closely guarded by the members who were sworn to secrecy and joined together thru their initiation ceremony of blood. Breaking of the oath to secrecy meant death by torture to the offender.

Now for the first time their FORBIDDEN SECRETS OF TERROR can be shared with you.


Included In the manual is a GUARANTEED method, of brick and board breaking enabling anyone to break a brick or board after only minutes of training. THIS IS NO EXAGGERATION. THERE IS NO TRICK OR GIMMICK. There is nothing to be held in the hand, or any hand brace needed; and no special stunt bricks or boards are needed. This is the same method that many famous Karate Masters use.


Considered by many as evil and cruel; the lethally savage ripping, tearing, slashing, clawing and gouging techniques which comprise the POISON HAND ARSENAL are used to attack (by strike, touch or pressure) the nerve centers, pressure points, major blood vessels and vital organs of the body. You will learn the original 77 “POISON HAND” techniques of ancient China in actual photographs showing them in application. These are not photos of drawings, but actual photos of COUNT DANTE applying these torturing techniques which are meant to maim, disfigure, cripple or kill and have been used by oriental terrorists and assassins to MURDER!


We cannot guarantee to make you a Fighting Arts Master or even an expert, as this is up to you; but we can make a $10,000 GUARANTEE that this book is DEADLIER than any other book, manual or course ever printed anywhere, at any cost and that it was, as mentioned before, refused for past publication due to its extremely FEROCIOUS nature. We also guarantee that the “WORLD’S DEADLIEST FIGHTING SECRETS” contains the most SECRET and FORBIDDEN attack and defense methods ever devised by man and that the DIM MAK and POISON HAND techniques are completely authentic and the WORLD’S DEADLIEST FIGHTING FORMS.

  1. RedRed says: December 31, 20086:54 am

    Ashida Kim was cought selling this by the guy Dsnte’s heir apperent back in the late 90’s and early 2000

  2. Mike says: December 31, 20089:08 am

    For $5 you can’t loose, can’t wait for them to rush me my copy!

  3. rsterling78 says: December 31, 200810:42 am

    Since it’s written in all caps, I assume the word “dreaded” is part of the official name of the “DREADED CHINESE TONG SOCIETY”. Nothing adds gravitas and legitimacy to one’s organization like having the word “dreaded” in the name.

  4. Firebrand38 says: December 31, 20081:29 pm

    Interesting story http://en.wikipedia.org…

  5. Warren says: December 31, 20083:51 pm

    I had Dim Mak for lunch yesterday. Pretty good, though a little more spicy than I expected.

  6. StanFlouride says: December 31, 200811:36 pm

    “we can make a $10,000 GUARANTEE that this book is DEADLIER than any other book, manual or course ever printed anywhere, at any cost and that it was, as mentioned before, refused for past publication due to its extremely FEROCIOUS nature.”

    To paraphrase Stephen Colbert- “Any book is deadly if you throw it hard enough.”

    Originally founded as secret organizations to fight the Qing dynasty they became the basis of many criminal enterprises in old China. In the US the Tongs were Chinese corporations whose membership was based on kinship and region of origin in China. The preferred weapon of the Tongs was the hatchet, and like a certain organization whose members’ name mostly end in vowels, their usual victims were other members of the same underworld.
    Originally five there are now four Tongs in San Francisco due to the Tong Wars of the late 19th century. Tongs were tolerated by the white establishment as a way of keeping order in the Chinese community and maintaining their cultural isolation

  7. miamoto kajimora says: January 29, 20098:48 am

    black dragon fighting society is considered fake

  8. Mike says: April 3, 20103:43 pm

    Wow I really thank the Lord God for this book because Im worried that once when I get really really old then I might not be able to defend my poor self but thanks to the Dim Mak I will, God really blessed the chinese with talent!

  9. Firebrand38 says: April 3, 20104:17 pm

    @Mike: Actually I don’t think that this Lord God person you spoke of wrote this book.

    But seriously, there’s a documentary in the works on the Count http://thesearchforcoun…

  10. Firebrand38 says: April 3, 20106:00 pm

    Contemporary article from Black Belt magazine (April 1969) may be found here

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