Diminutive Dynamo (Jul, 1946)

Diminutive Dynamo.

Only one-fourth the size of a match’s head and set in half of a small pearl, this dynamo speeds at 6,000 rotations a minute and generates electricity that can actually be measured by an electrometer. Made by M. Fernand Huguenin, Swiss watchmaker, the machine has 46 stainless steel parts, some of which can only be seen with a microscope, and weighs .06 gram.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 2, 20134:03 pm

    This is a really impressive build but what actually runs the dynamo? A V8?

  2. Stephen says: April 3, 20133:16 am

    Attach a fan and blow on it.

  3. Dave1000 says: April 3, 201310:15 am

    “Only one-fourth the size of a match’s head”

    Umm.. from the photo, I would say it’s about the same size as the match head!

  4. Bill Thompson says: April 3, 20139:53 pm

    Two words: “wow!” …and “why?”

    Also, “electrometer” is my word of the day.

  5. sandbender1414 says: April 5, 201311:36 am

    Seiko uses something very similar in their Kinetic watches, tiny generator to charge a lithium titanium cell to run the watch movement. Looks like it took over 40 years to come up with a practical use for a tiny dynamo.

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