Distinctive Costumes for Outdoor Play and the Season’s Odd Fads and Fancies (Jun, 1924)

This is sort of an odd feature for Popular Mechanics. I wonder if they had more female readers in the 20’s.

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Distinctive Costumes for Outdoor Play and the Season’s Odd Fads and Fancies

Straight Skirt and Slip-over Jacket Give Stylish Lines to This Knitted Sport Suit Effectively Worn with Light Straw Hat with Scarf Trimming

Soft Felt Hat of Tan with Brown and Gold Side Ornament Completes the Sport Costume

Comfort, Style and Utility Combine in This Pretty Blue Chambray Apron. Simply Made, to Be Slipped over the Most Delicate Frock, It Is Becoming and Easily Laundered

Cinderella-Like and Fascinating Are Evening Slippers Made of a Variety of Gold and Black Metal Combinations

Just the Frock for a Summer Day Is This Dainty Dress of Embroidered Net with Rows of Tiny Lace Ruffles. An Orchid Shade Hat Adds Charm

A Rose Taffeta Parasol in “Mushroom” Shape Affords a Flattering Protection from the Hot Summer Sun

Strictly Tailored Is This Sua of Blue Twill with Its Mannish Lines. A Close-Fitting Black Hat and White Gloves with Cuffs Give Contrast

Hat of Fine Straw, Rim-Bound with Contrasting Silk Is Popular Shape. Back Flower Trimming Is “New”

Attractive with Its Bright Green Silk Folds, Buttons, and Bands Woven in the Fabric, Is This Cool-Looking Sport Suit of White Silk and Wool Crepe

Sandals with Cut-Out Design or Plain, with Slender Strap over the Instep, Come in Patent Leather and Blue Calf

“Black and White,” Fashion’s Favorite, Is Emphasized in This Black Satin Mandarin Style Coat Embroidered in White and Gold

For Dressy Wear Is This Hat of Shirred Silk, with Large Roses of Contrasting Color on the Rim

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