Divers Explore New Depths in 1-Man Sub (Jan, 1933)

Divers Explore New Depths in 1-Man Sub

DEEP sea explorers are now enabled to fathom the ocean’s secrets to a depth of more than 815 feet, thanks to the invention of a (living suit which has been dubbed the “one-man sub.”

Until recently divers could only descend to a depth of about 200 feet, while submarines could only go a little deeper, about 300 ft. In submarines it was not possible to work around in wrecked ships or examine the ocean floor.

The new diving suit, which amounts to an adjustable case carrying a crew of one man, permits minute exploration of the ocean bottom with complete comfort and the utmost flexibility of movement. The upper part of the suit has four windows of thick compressed glass and contains the signal and light controls, the valves and the instruments for measuring pressure and temperature.

The suit is made of Siemans Martin Steel and Fundit Aluminum and weighs only 1000 lbs. Depths attained are seen in drawing.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 3, 20123:12 pm

    I’ve seen diving suits and space suits that look alot like this, guess everything old is new again.

  2. Stephen says: February 4, 20126:19 am

    Certainly in the 1970s, when North Sea oil was new, divers were sent down in suits very like this to work on the the sea bed.

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