Divining Rod Tunes in on Ore (Sep, 1934)

What exquisite bullshit.

Divining Rod Tunes in on Ore

DEVELOPED on radioactive principles, a new divining rod has been perfected to tune in on underground minerals and water.

The device, invented by Walter Henning, German engineer, consists of a vertical axis and horizontal arm from which a capsule is freely suspended. Into this capsule is inserted a given substance, which is said to respond to the radiations of the mineral sought.

According to the inventor, the divining rod performs as soon as it comes near to the metal sought. It will point to the ore deposit, then turn on its axis, the number of turns indicating the depth below the surface where the ore can be found.

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  1. Jim C. says: August 9, 20072:49 am

    Wow, what a great invention…

    And almost 73 years later, it and all of it’s ideomotor effect scams still do not work and still sucker in people…

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