DO IT. (Mar, 1975)

One more word and Nike would have needed a different slogan.


Now you can do anything. Without worrying about it. Touch football. Or coloring your hair.

Now there’s Clairol Balsam Color. The shampoo-in haircolor that leaves no excuse for not coloring your hair.

In fact, it leaves your hair shiny and more manageable than if you hadn’t colored it.

You see, you add our packette of special Balsam Color conditioner to the color. And your hair absorbs the conditioner where it needs it the most — like the ends. So your hair’s more natural looking. And the color keeps looking healthy and natural. Because of our new longer-wear formula. Come on. Do it.

There’s no excuse not to anymore.

With Clairol Balsam Color, there’s no excuse not to anymore.

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  1. Charlene says: July 29, 20121:00 am

    Either it’s a particularly low-quality wig or they styled her hair to look like it was. Dry, limp, and the hairline way too far forward.

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