Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb.. (Jun, 1932)

Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb..

When You Ought to Talk?

How often have you wanted to talk, but held back, silent, because you felt unequal to the other people present? How many times have you passed up or avoided the chance to talk in public—before your business associates, your club or lodge, because of your fear of stage fright? Are you afraid of your own voice—instead of being able – to use it as one of the greatest business and social assets in your possession? And yet you might be surprised to hear that many of the most brilliant public speakers we have today felt exactly this way—before they learned how to develop their “hidden knack” of powerful speech—a knack which authorities say seven men out of every ten actually possess. And the chances are that you, too, have in you the power of effective speech—which, if unloosed, would be almost priceless to you in a social or business way. Find out if you have this natural gift—read every word of the message below.

Discover These Easy Secrets of Effective Speech.

PROBABLY you have never pictured yourself being able to sweep a giant audience off its feet—to win the applause of thousands. Yet the men who are doing such things know that it is all astonishingly easy once you are in possession of the simple rules of effective speech. Before you learn these secrets you may be appalled at the thought of even addressing a small audience. Still it all seems so ridiculously easy when you know how to banish stage fright and exactly what to do and say to hold an audience of one or a thousand in the palm of your hand.

Yet what a change is brought about when a man learns to dominate others by the power of effective speech! Usually it means a quick increase in earnings. It means social popularity. You yourself know how the men who are interesting talkers seem to attract whomever they wish and name their own friends— men and women alike.

There is no magic, no trick, no mystery about becoming a powerful and convincing speaker—a brilliant, easy, fluent conversationalist. One of America’s eminent specialists in effective speech has developed a method that has already raised thousands from mediocre, narrow ruts to positions of greater prestige and wider influence. This new method is so delightfully simple and easy that by spending 20 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home you cannot fail to make rapid progress.

How you can use this method, how you can banish stage fright, self-consciousness and bashfulness, quickly shaping yourself into an outstanding influential speaker, is told in an interesting book, How to Work Wonders with Words. Not only men who have made millions, but thousands of others have sent for this book and highly praise it. You can receive a copy absolutely free by simply mailing the coupon below. Act now to discover your priceless “hidden knack”—the natural gift within you. Fill out and mail the coupon at once.

What 20 Minutes a Day Will Show You:

How to address business meetings.

How to propose and respond to toasts.

How to make a political speech.

How to tell entertaining stories.

How to write better letters.

How to enlarge your vocabulary.

How to develop self-confidence.

How to acquire a winning personality.

How to strengthen your will power.

How to be master of any situation.

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“How to Work Wonders With Words”
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