Do Your Friends Feel Sorry for Your Wife? (Dec, 1929)

That’s pretty brutal.

Do Your Friends Feel Sorry for Your Wife?

Like it or not, your friends and neighbors size you up by what you EARN —judged by your home and family. Why not surprise them by making good in a big way? Tell them nothing, but on the quiet fit yourself for a bigger place!

ONLY a woman knows how much a wife can suffer when her husband fails to “make the grade”— When she dreads to meet her old school friends—when she skimps on her own appearance “so John can make a good showing at the office”—when she can’t give her children things as good as the other children have, and they ask her why.

Brave, loyal woman, she would be the last to reproach her husband because he doesn’t earn as much as other men whose wives she is thrown with constantly.

“Money isn’t everything,” she tells him—yet how she longs for his promotion—for that bigger salary that means better clothes, greater advantages for the children, a new car, more of the comforts and luxuries of life!

What can you, as an ambitious husband, do to help?

No need to ask your wife to put up a brave front—she’s already doing that. No use to ask for a “raise” on the ground that you “need more money”—”raises” aren’t secured that way. No big gain in devoting longer hours to your work—chances are you are already giving loyal and conscientious service.

Only one thing, then, for you to do—so important that it may prove the very turning point in your career: you can and should compel those opportunities that quickly lead to bigger income, real success!

But let’s get down to cases-—so that you may see exactly what we mean— Assistant Superintendent Made Production Manager Out on the Pacific coast lived a factory man, 30 years of age—assistant superintendent of a growing plant. He enrolled for home-study training in Modern Foremanship and shortly after got together an informal class of factory executives, for discussion and study. His general manager stepped him up to production manager with a salary-increase of 125 per cent.

Becomes Sales Manager In a middle western city lived a salesman, 50 years of age. For 35 years he had sold—and sold successfully. Indeed, on nearly every sales force he had been at or near the top of the list in point of sales—but he had never been able to sell himself as a sales manager or executive. He was earning between five and six thousand dollars a year.

Within 18 months after his enrollment in Modern Salesmanship, he stepped into the position of president and general sales manager—at a salary of $15,000 a year.

Salary Increased 500% A railroad clerk in New Jersey decided—like Jack London before him—that the only way out of a pit was up: Training in Traffic Management led to a better job—then further training in Business Management helped him make good as sales manager—with a resultant salary 500 per cent larger than when he started training. Now he operates his own successful manufacturing concern.

These Cases Not Exceptional And so we could go on, with case after case—yes, thousands of them—and every man could tell of a salary-increase better than 100 per cent which he directly credits to LaSalle training— Are you, then, so different from these thousands of other men? Have you less ambition*. Do you lack the wilt power or the stamina to “see it through'”!

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This coupon, filled in, clipped and mailed, will bring you an interesting booklet descriptive of LaSalle training in the field of your choice, together with a copy of that most inspiring book, “Ten Years’ Promotion in One.”

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  1. Charlene says: November 9, 20109:09 am

    Especially brutal since it’s December 1929 and a lot of families were about to be far worse off than even the ad implies.

  2. Susan says: November 9, 20108:03 pm

    At least in those days it was a “”correspondence course” that could be paid for in a few paychecks. These days, many poor schmucks are being sold a similar bill of goods by “Technical Colleges” who will land their students in thousands of dollars in debt with no laws to require that they will be properly prepared for the actual job market or not simply dumped into an over-saturated market with a salary too low to make student loan payments.

  3. DouglasUrantia says: November 9, 20109:57 pm

    Yes, today’s “Technical” colleges are a scam to make huge profits for the owners. They pressure scared young people to take out loans that will saddle them for decades with payments. The idea that college is a ‘for profit’ business smacks of capitalism at it’s worst. Susan is very correct. Many of the employers that these college allegedly train you for will train you on-the-job themselves if they feel you are sincere and eager to learn.

  4. karynw says: November 14, 20106:54 am

    i so agree with susan and douglas-some of these “technical” schools are so repulsive in their actions, charging thousands to train people for what amount to $10 an hour jobs–personally, i was trained by the company i work for but have seen the training advertised for over $1000 for a one month course. ( i’m a nurses aide).
    some tech schools are very good, i can think of a few off hand, but the bad ones, what a terrible scam. especially now with the job market so bad.

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