Does Knee Flexibility Test Race? (Nov, 1932)

I’ve always wondered why my knee joint’s weren’t as supple as I’d have liked. I always I assumed that it was because I’m lazy and shiftless, but apparently it’s just because I’m a Jew.

Damn you gentiles with your supple knees!

Does Knee Flexibility Test Race?
A NEW method of determining racial origin has been discovered by R. F. Ross of Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, it is claimed, involving the degree to which persons of different races can rotate their knee joints, twisting their foot and ankle to right and left when the upper part of the leg is held immovable. The average person can rotate the knee joint through an angle of 40 degrees. It was found that members of the Jewish race who were tested had less ability to rotate their knee joints than had the Gentiles, which suggests that this ability has an hereditary or racial basis. Neither gymnastic exercises nor bodily differences such as height and weight seem to have any effect in increasing this variety of suppleness.

  1. jmyint says: April 13, 20086:23 am

    It just amazes me sometimes as to how much people thought about this stuff prior to the Second World War. I’m sorry dear you cannot marry him for he is of the Eastern New Jersey Race and we are from Connecticut. My own parents had to go to Arkansas to get married because at the time it was illegal in Missouri for them to do so.

  2. Stu Savory says: April 13, 200811:54 am

    Caused by all those practising Catholic genuflections?

  3. Stephen Edwards says: April 13, 20081:08 pm

    Now, now: don’t get bent out of shape over this.

  4. 4th guy says: April 14, 20085:38 am

    And the average person would be…an American?

  5. Benzene says: April 14, 20081:20 pm

    American isn’t a race. While Gentile just means “not Jewish” and could be anyone else on the planet, they probably do mean non-Jewish people of Western European ancestry. I wonder if anyone else in that region has similarly stiff knees.

  6. Fnorb says: April 14, 20087:08 pm

    OK, so has anyone ever been able to reproduce that result, or was it debunked long ago?

  7. Blurgle says: April 14, 20088:43 pm

    4th, why would either the Jewish subjects or the “average” subjects be Americans? Nova Scotia is in Canada.

  8. Ivar Biggin says: April 23, 200810:50 pm

    So what does this say about Knee-gros? 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  9. TJ says: December 20, 20082:28 am

    I guess this study concludes that Gentiles make better hockey goalies? Butterfly!!!!

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