Dog Is Mother to Baby Rabbits (Feb, 1934)

Dog Is Mother to Baby Rabbits

BESSIE, a three-year-old purebred Alsatian dog in Orsett, England, had no puppies of her own, but longed for something on which to lavish her affections.

She adopted a baby rabbit, and was happy for a time. The rabbit died, however, and Bessie was so grief-stricken that her master bought her a tame rabbit.

Although rabbits generally have a deep fear of all dogs, they seem to sense the affection of Bessie, and are happy with her.

  1. Hirudinea says: September 15, 20112:59 pm

    Cute as hell, until she eats the rabbit.

  2. jayessell says: September 16, 20115:22 am

    And now that dog is dead.

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