Dog Wagon DeLuxe (Jan, 1959)

Dog Wagon DeLuxe
DOWN Missouri way professional handler Bill Wunderlich of Wentzville hauls his valuable field trial dogs in a Ford Ranchero, “customized” to house seven dogs, each one with a private, ventilated kennel carpeted with cedar shavings. John Mueller of St. Louis designed the $1,100 custom coach-work which weighs only 500 lbs. •

  1. Michael, N5RLR says: December 31, 20108:01 pm

    500 lbs. would be just about the limit for the cargo capacity of the average Ford Ranchero (or Chevy El Camino, for that matter).

  2. LightningRose says: January 1, 20118:47 am

    Even with the extra leaf spring, the back end is sagging dangerously.

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