Dogs Ride in “Normandie’s” Dummy Funnel (Aug, 1939)

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Dogs Ride in “Normandie’s” Dummy Funnel

That dummy funnel on the “Normandie,” which is probably a concession to the old popular fancy that the more funnels, the more power, is not entirely a dummy after all. Inside it are recreation rooms, a theater and kennels for the passengers’ pets.

The dogs live comfortably aboard ship behind stainless-steel bars that surround their oval room, at the center of which is a drinking fountain. The kennels are steam-heated and ventilated, fresh beds of straw are provided daily, and the dogs are allowed daily exercise on a top deck. There are even life preservers for the pups in large, medium and small sizes, and a special menu printed in French offers choice bones, soups, biscuits and vegetables. In case the canine tourist is indisposed, a veterinarian aboard helps him win back his sea legs.

  1. Leon says: May 7, 20082:10 pm

    Notice the article on the 2nd page: Winged bullet pursuit planes carry two machine guns. Wow, a whole TWO MG’s. In 1939. The army air corp’s outa control!

  2. Blurgle says: May 7, 20083:37 pm

    Dummy funnels were not that unusual twenty years before the Normandie made its maiden voyage in 1935 – the Olympic and Titanic both had dummy fourth funnels, and likely for the same reason. But the Normandie made better use of the area of the fourth funnel.

    Three years after this story was published, the Normandie – renamed the USS Lafayette and under refitting as an American troop ship – burned in New York Harbor.

  3. JMyint says: May 12, 20085:41 pm

    The P-39 went on to be armed with 1 37mm Automatic cannon, 2 .50 cal machineguns, and 4 .30 cal machine guns and the most numerous single airplane type in the Soviet airforce of WW2 (over 5000). The XP-41 eventually morphed into the P-47 armed with 8 .50 cal machine guns.

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