Dollars in Hares (Mar, 1922)

The thing I love about this ad is how literal the graphic is. You know that the artist was thinking something like: “Well the headline is ‘Dollars in Hares’, let’s draw a little hare here, and um, well, let’s just put a big dollar sign IN the hare. The client’s gonna love this”.

Dollars in Hares

We supply guaranteed high grade stock and buy back all you raise at $7.00 to $18.50 and up a pair, and pay express charges. Big profits. Use back yard, barn, cellar, attic. Contract and Illustrated Catalog Free,

Standard Food & Fur Association
403Y Broadway, New York

  1. Thundercat says: August 23, 200710:03 am

    Oh yeah, I’ll raise rabbits in my attic. I’m sure that the 200 degrees in the Summer and -20 degrees in the Winter temperatures won’t kill them.

  2. KHarn says: March 9, 200810:14 am

    Years later, Hugh Heffner ran across this ad while cleaning out his attic. The rest is history.

  3. bilbo says: December 14, 20101:07 am

    In my area in the 1920s and even later, huge rabbit drives were held regularly where local farmers ganged up and killed every rabbit in site, often killing 1000 rabbits in a day or two and the women folk would prepare a huge feast (but no rabbit on the menu). And someone in NYC was paying up to $18.50 a pair?

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