Make $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 a Year. Be a Doctor of Mechano-Therapy

Illustrated BOOK: How To Become A Mechano-Therapist

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Are you tired of working for wages which barely keep body and soul together? Have you the ambition to enjoy the profits of your own labor? To gain social prominence and financial independence? To go forth among your fellow men with your head up—an honored and respected citizen of your locality? Have you thought of going into business for yourself?


Entitled “How to Become a Mechano-Therapist.” It tells how every man and woman, with an ordinary, common school education, can acquire a profession within a lew months which will insure financial Independence for life. GET OUR BOOK —It costs you nothing.


Mechano-Therapy is the art, or science, of treating disease without drugs, It is similar to Osteopathy but far superior, being the latest, up-to-date method of treating disease by the Natural Method. It heals as Nature heals—in accordance with Nature’s laws. The Mechano-Therapist is a drugless physician. His medicines are not drugs. but scientific combinations of food, circumstance, Idea, water and motion. He is skilled in compelling the body TO DO ITS OWN HEALING with its own force, rat her than with poisonous drugs of the old school practitioner.


Have you asked yourself this question? We answer unhesitatingly, YES.

If you have so much as an ordinary, common school education you can learn.

You learn If you have the ambition to better your condition.

We can teach you in a very short time, so you may enter this profession—when you do, you begin to make money. We supply all lessons and necessary text books free of cost to you. No apparatus is used. You do not even need a place to work. All you require Is your two hands. Certainly you can learn. The free book tells all.

We Teach You in Your Own Home.

We can teach you an honorable and profitable profession in a few months, which will insure your financial independence for life, making it possible to have an income of 83.000 to 85,000 a year. We teach you by mall, in your own home, without interfering with your present duties. No matter how old you are. Any person—man or woman—with just an ordinary school education, can learn Mechano-Therapy. It is easy to learn and results certain. We have taken hundreds of men and women who were formerly clerks—farmers—stenographers—telegraph operators—insurance agents railway employes—in fact, of nearly every known occupation—old men of 70 years who felt hopeless—young men of 20 years, without a day’s business experience—salaried men, who could see nothing in the future. But to become Oslerized, and In boring men. who never realized that they had within themselves the ability to better their conditions. Write for our FREE book, which explains all—today.

AMERICAN COLLEGE OF MECHANO-THERAPY. Dept. 671, 130-138 Randolph Street, Chicago, Ill.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 19, 201210:50 am

    Cool, I always wanted to be a quack!

  2. Stephen says: December 20, 20123:53 am

    “Mechano-therapy”, my arse! I wonder how long that lasted? I’m sorry for the people that sent in the money.

  3. Stephen Edwards says: December 20, 20126:29 am

    My favorite is “scientific combinations of food, circumstance, Idea, water and motion.” In other words, there’s no science involved.

  4. JMyint says: December 20, 20128:23 am

    At least until the 1990s…

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