Don’t Envy The PLUMBER – Be One! (Mar, 1950)

Just the other day as a plumber was cleaning all of the delightful muck out of my clogged sewage line, I thought “Gee, I envy that guy!”

This ad is also incredibly repetitive and has ellipsis (…) in the oddest places.

Don’t Envy The PLUMBER – Be One!
Make $15 to $50 a Day
(and work every day)
Every skilled workman will tell you Plumbers have the best of it. WINTER and SUMMER the Plumber is busy at top wages. No skilled Plumber is ever out of a job . . . compare his opportunities with any trade, and decide where your opportunity is.
Plumbing, to the man with know how, means profit. Investigate Universal’s unique “Shop Method” system . . . This system, developed over a quarter century ago by a master plumber, offers you the opportunity to quickly get into the plumbing business. This is not a “war born school” . . . but a plumbing school developed and operated by plumbers since 1923.

In Just 32 Weeks

Now, just 32 weeks of intensive training equips you to be a plumber. No need ever serve an apprenticeship. Don’t envy the plumber’s big profits . . . enjoy them.

System Shows How With Tools . . . Not Books

Universal’s highly developed method makes plumbers by a special developed system showing how to use plumbing tools . . . not books. Every instructor is a Licensed Master Plumber capable of showing every trick of the trade . . . Lead Work . . . Blueprint for plan reading, etc. This offers a wonderful opportunity for the man who likes to work with tools.

Over 7,000 Successful Plumbers Recommend This School

This system has made more than 7,000 plumbers. Each will testify – it was the Universal Plumbing School that started him on the road to profits. Investigate our past performance . . . then decide. Universal is the largest and only school in America devoted exclusively to plumbing. It was established in 1923 under a system developed by a plumber and is owned and operated by licensed plumbers.

Don’t waste your time looking over “war born schools” . . . investigate this system . . . then get into the profitable plumbing business.


No other business offers you the opportunity of starting in your own business, and making good profits, with little other investment than Universal’s training and a kit of tools.


Master Plumbers own their own shop. A Journeyman works for a Master. With Universal’s training a journeyman can depend on high wages from the start.


You can start now to success as a plumber by simply filling out the coupon and mailing it … or just write Universal Plumbing School, 877 Holmes, Kansas City,Mo.
FREE details showing how will be sent by return mail.

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