Don’t let Drying Skin push you into “middle-age” (Oct, 1955)

Don’t let Drying Skin push you into “middle-age”

You may not feel “matronly”… but is dry skin making you look it?

To a woman whose husband is starting to call her “mother”

It’s just a little habit that husbands often slip into—loving, maybe—but dangerous. Because, if you are spending more and more time on the children and neglecting yourself —the attractive girl your husband married—remember this: These are the very years when you can either grow lovelier—or just older!

Right around 25 — sometimes even as early as 19—you may see little age signs creeping into your face. Tiny forehead lines… little crow’s feet… rough, flaky patches. They usually mean that the skin’s natural softening oils are beginning to dry out.

By 40, the skin can actually lose up to 20% of its own oil. So, as your skin becomes dryer, the little signs grow to ”middle-age” proportions. Lines multiply and deepen… skin texture coarsens. Suddenly, you realize you look years older than you really are!

Dry Skin needs more than surface “sprinkling”

You can correct dry skin problems … repair dry skin damage quickly… but, you can’t expect to do it by mere surface “sprinkling” with a thin liquid. Because deep softening is as vital to dry skin as deep water-soaking is to a garden. A thin liquid just isn’t made to do the work of a penetrating, deep-softening, rich cream.

Exceptionally rich and quick-penetrating, Pond’s Dry Skin Cream goes right to work on dry skin problems that “middle-age” a woman’s face.

Deep-soften crow’s feet and dry crinkles by gently tapping Pond’s Dry Skin Cream under eyes, at outside corners, and on lids.

Smooth out dry lines on your forehead, by your mouth, and on your throat with Pond’s Dry Skin Cream—always use good upward and outward strokes.

Clear away flaky roughness by firmly circling on Pond’s Dry Skin Cream.

Today’s leading dry skin care… more effective 3 ways These special features make Pond’s Dry Skin Cream unusually effective:
1. Extra rich in lanolin, the oil most like your own natural skin softeners.

2. Homogenized lanolin. Not ordinary lanolin—but lanolin that’s homogenized into tiny particles dry skin can absorb.

3. Its special emulsifier restores “dewiness” to dried-out surface skin.

Don’t let dry skin age your face! Start using Pond’s Dry Skin Cream and the results will show practically overnight —your skin will look softer, fresher, and much younger!

So effective— more women use it than any other dry skin care

  1. Hirudinea says: May 25, 20114:23 pm

    So if we distill this ad down to its essence it says “Your geting old and ugly, so buy our crap.” The more things change…

  2. Charlene says: May 26, 20114:48 pm

    I’d distill it down to, “How dare you, you awful woman, let down your hard-working husband by allowing a natural process to occur! It’s all your fault that you’re aging – ahem, that your skin is drying – so you’d better smarten up, lady, and buy our grease!”

  3. John says: May 26, 20116:07 pm

    Hemorrhoids are a “natural process” but I would hope that you would fight that as well. I mean come on, there’s aging and there’s just not caring anymore.

    I suppose if a persons eyes naturally become weaker with age then wearing glasses is worthy of your contempt.

    Hamlet, Act III, Scene II: The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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