Don’t Lose a Man’s Thermos (Feb, 1954)

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Did he kill his wife over a thermos? Or just beat her? Or did he yell at her, then SHE beat him? Is that why he has a shiner? Or did the cops do that?

This ad leaves so much unexplained. I think I’ll email this to Aladdin asking for an explanation.

“It all began when she lost my Aladdin Angler vacuum bottle!”

Aladdin Vacuum Bottles and Lunch Kits
Pints, Quarts and Workman’s Lunch Kits

Aladdin Industries, Incorporated, Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Rick Auricchio says: April 21, 200710:49 am

    The man at the left appears to be either a harbor cop or shipboard authority; note that his clothing doesn’t match the policeman, and that he carries a blackjack rather than a nightstick.

    The seated man appears to be wearing a Mackintosh/raingear, as if he’s a fisherman.

    And, of course, the “Angler” vacuum bottle would imply fishing.

    Perhaps the guy started off the day angry because of the lost Thermos, then got into a fight.

    Not that this explains much…

  2. Andy S. says: December 12, 200712:13 pm

    When you find yourself implying through advertising that your product could be a direct or indirect cause of spousal abuse, it’s time to hire a new advertising agency.

  3. robert says: June 19, 20083:41 pm

    i have the exact same angler vacuum bottle in the ad…i am trying to find out its value

    …as an ad man -it seems this guy got hauled in for creating a big disturbance when his wife lost his thermos….the guys who created this ad are most likely dead now…

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