Don’t Punish Your Stomach to Relieve Constipation! (Dec, 1937)

Don’t Punish Your Stomach to Relieve Constipation!

When you’re dull, tired, upset, headachy due to constipation, don’t take chances on making bad matters worse! Remember, no other type of laxative CAN do exactly what FEEN-A-MINT does ! It safeguards against trouble in 3 special ways:

1. NO STOMACH UPSET—you don’t swallow a heavy, bulky dose; there’s nothing to burden your overworked digestion.

2. CHEWING AIDS DIGESTION—the chewing increases the flow of the same natural alkaline fluids that help food digest.

3. ACTS WHERE YOU NEED IT—in the intestines—not in the stomach.

Both youngsters and adults like this tasteless laxative medicine in delicious chewing gum. You’ll enjoy taking FEEN-A-MINT. Try it — and discover for yourself why more than 16 million people have already changed to this remarkably different, modern laxative! At your drugstore, or write for generous FREE trial package to Dept. 83, FEEN-A-MINT, Newark, N. J.

No other type of laxative can do exactly what FEEN-A-MINT does

  1. Stannous says: October 23, 200711:29 am

    It’s the only way they’ll ever learn!!

  2. Eamonn an Chnuic says: October 23, 200711:42 am

    “tasteless laxative medicine in delicious chewing gum” This sounds like a cruel practical joke waiting to happen.

  3. Julie says: October 24, 200710:16 am

    Hey! Doc! My face is up here.

  4. Robert Fansler Sr says: August 13, 201012:53 pm

    I can’t find a drug store that handles the Feen-A-mint gum , they all put pills in its place , can you tell me how I can get some ( if it’s still made ) …………Thanks ===I live in Pleasant Hill MO

  5. janet spears says: September 8, 201012:12 pm

    yes i live in georgia and i cant find feenamint anywhere can you tell me where to find it thanks

  6. Firebrand38 says: September 8, 201012:58 pm

    janet spears: That’s because its been discontinued.

  7. JWhite says: July 11, 20119:07 am

    This was the best laxative on the market. By 2005, it could not be found anywhere. I was told it was discontinued. I was raised on this laxative and I can testify that the laxative did everything that it advertised. You felt rejuvenated after a cleanse with the laxative. I was great.

  8. Sandra says: September 9, 20118:16 am

    I live in Charlotte NC, I would like to know whereI can buy Feenaments. They were great. And I hope they still are.

  9. Gene says: November 4, 20111:21 pm

    Sandra, yes Feeniment is as good as they say and even better. We have not been able to find it since around 1985. My educated guess is it was so effective it was taken off the market whereby the drug makers could flood the market with many, many other worthless items and expand their net worth. It’s such a shame that greed has driven this country to a point of no return and th e only answer is an AK-47, like so many other countries are doing…

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