Doodler’s Paradise (Jun, 1941)

Doodler’s Paradise
THIS telephone booth, in West Orange, N. J., is made especially for doodlers. Its walls are lined with blackboards on which the person telephoning can make weird signs to his heart’s content, jot down telephone numbers, and generally enjoy himself at the fine art of “doodling.”

  1. Kenneth Wright says: July 19, 20115:03 pm

    What a lovely innocent mind the person who thought of that must have had! Either that, or telephone booths must have been attracting a better class of customer in 1941.

  2. Hirundinea says: July 19, 20115:28 pm

    Good idea, well aside from all the filthy graffiti.

  3. Mike says: July 19, 20115:33 pm

    Hmmm, I wonder if Jenny at 867-5309 is still around?

  4. C.H. says: July 19, 20117:03 pm

    Strange as it may sound…. I want one of these for my house!

  5. Hirudinea says: July 19, 20118:39 pm

    @ C.H. – Its called Chalkboard Paint, or just buy a chalkboard, I have a small one in my kitchen and it works great.

  6. Toronto says: July 19, 201110:41 pm

    Whiteboard is cheap too, if you don’t mind the smell of the markers.

    Hiru – I first read that as “checkerboard paint” on the sidebar, and was wondering what you were on about. Sure, plaid paint, but checkerboard?

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