Double-Bowl, Single-Stem Pipe for Two-Fisted Smokers (Oct, 1939)

Double-Bowl, Single-Stem Pipe for Two-Fisted Smokers

FOR double – barreled smoking enjoyment, pipe lovers are invited by the proprietors of a New York City tobacco shop to try out their latest development, the twin-bowl, single-stem pipe pictured at the right. Something like burning his pipe at both ends, the smoker fills and lights both bowls, and draws smoke from each through a slender bit that taps the center of the pipe’s double-ended stem. The idea for the novel tobacco furnace originated with the artist who draws the popular newspaper cartoon Smokey Stover.

  1. Vozpit says: October 3, 200812:21 pm

    Yes, popular comic strip character Smokey Stover, who along with his brothers Heroin Hank & Cocaine Carl would get into all kinds of crazy antics with their female friend Mary Jane.

  2. Torgo says: October 3, 20089:59 pm


  3. rsterling78 says: October 4, 200812:34 am

    Two-Fisted Tales of Cancer.

  4. Mike says: October 4, 200810:20 am

    Any smart person would just wait until 1941 when they invented the quad-pipe.

  5. Al Bear says: October 4, 200811:04 am

    Put that in your double pipe and smoke it!

    Reminds me of this little gem here from the past,


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