Double Feature! (Apr, 1960)

First class used to be in back?

Double Feature!

TO ENTERTAIN passengers on their long nonstop international flights, TIA, a French airline, tried to install movies, but could not make them visible simultaneously on both sides of the partition that separates the tourist class from the first-class cabins. To solve this problem, Pathe engineers in Paris designed a double lens-prism projector which throws one picture on the screen mounted forward in the tourist cabin, and diverts another image to one side toward a smaller screen in the rear cabin. The regular public-address system carries the sound track. The “Pullman berth” folding projector saves space but also provides a shock and vibration-free mount for the projector.

  1. JediaKyrol says: December 6, 20129:00 am

    They were put away from the engine noise…sure it was bumpier, but at least you didn’t have to yell for the person next to you to hear you.

  2. Toronto says: December 6, 20121:23 pm

    It’s usually safer in the event of a crash, too.

    Then again, so are rear facing seats and they never caught on either.

  3. mcubstead says: December 6, 20123:04 pm

    It’s hard to tell from the picture, but several models of the piston airliners boarded from the back of the plane. Boarding at the front came along with the jet age and the new terminals with the articulated gates. In the Piston days, you walked outside to the back of the plane.

  4. Stephen says: December 7, 20125:45 am

    I remember boarding an aircraft from the rear in the Seventies, though that would have been one with jets. That type of entry went out of fashion after an ingenious hijacker used it to escape with a parachute in1971:…

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