Double-Spiral Corkscrew (Dec, 1956)

Double-Spiral Corkscrew

DRAWING the cork from a bottle of imported wine is often a losing battle. Bottles of wine should be stored on their sides to keep the cork wet and pullable. But on the long voyage from the vineyards of Europe to your table, the cork often dries out. Then you’re likely to end up with a half cork bobbing around inside the bottle and your guests have the choice between swallowing bits of cork or straining them out with their teeth. Unic, pronounced “unique,” a new Swiss corkscrew with two right-hand screws, gets all corks out in one piece. It’s being imported by Susi Press Company, 200 Hill Street, Whitinsville, Mass. •

  1. Rick says: December 22, 20089:47 am

    A double helix, eh? Maybe they got the idea from Watson and Crick’s article back in 1953.

  2. rev pj says: December 22, 200812:00 pm

    The double cork screw would probably completely core out the cork.

  3. LightningRose says: December 25, 20084:57 pm

    The double helix works great. I have a pocket model I’ve had since High School.

  4. James says: August 8, 20093:44 pm

    Where is it possible to get one of these in 2009. I have one I got in 1972 and it works GREAT.

  5. Lou says: June 1, 201010:33 pm

    These corkscrews work great.
    They really do amaze people when they are used.
    They haven’t been available new for at least 10yrs.–watch on ebay

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