Dr. Lawton’s Guaranteed FAT REDUCER FOR MEN AND WOMEN (Mar, 1922)

I think that Dr. Lawton’s previous career was manufacturing plungers. One day his wooden stick distributer flaked out on him and he had to find a use for all those rubber doohickeys he had. Thus, Dr. Lawton’s Guaranteed Fat Reducer was born.


Will show reduction taking place in 11 days or money refunded.

Results come usually in three or four days, but if you do not see positive reduction taking place in 11 days (the full trial period) return the Reducer at once together with the instruction book that accompanied it and your $5 will be refunded. Dr. Lawton, shown in picture, reduced from 211 to 152 pounds in a very short time. The Reducer is not electrical; made of soft rubber and weighs but a few ounces. Whether you are 10 or 100 pounds overweight you can reduce any part you wish quickly, safely and permanently by using Reducer a few minutes night and morning. By a gentle manipulation the Reducer breaks down and disintegrates fatty tissue which becomes waste matter and is carried out of the system through the organs of elimination, thereby the blood circulation is improved. For years Dr Lawton’s Fat Reducer ha been successfully sold and is used by thousands. It is ENDORSED BY PHYSICIANS and its use requires no dieting, starving, medicines or exercise. Sold generally by druggists everywhere or will be sent direct to your home in plain wrapper upon receipt of $5 plus 20c to cover cost of Parcel Post and Insurance ($5.20 in all).

Send for your Fat Reducer today. Remember it is guaranteed.
DR. THOMAS LAWTON 120 West 70th Street, Dept. 17, New York

  1. Firebrand38 says: August 17, 200712:37 pm

    From the August 2004 Men’s Fitness on the 12 Worst Fitness Ideas of All Time:

    What the hell was it? A round slab of soft rubber with a metal handle.

    Debut: Early 1920s

    The promise: You can rub body fat off and into the bloodstream (thereby “improving circulation”) with this oversize eraser tip.

    Our verdict: Useless, Of course, rubbers supposedly got their money back if it didn’t work as promised in 11 days (assuming Dr. Lawton wasn’t down in Rio with their cash), If any fat actually was burned by this, it was due solely to the caloric expenditure of rubbing with the thing. “A better idea,” says Seabourne “would have been to walk around the block.”


  2. steph says: September 25, 20088:20 am

    haha wifes vibrator and plunger head…haha what a goof

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