dream cars you’ll never see (Mar, 1949)

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dream cars you’ll never see

IN the January MI we showed you Tom McCahill’s dream car. And it really caught your fancy. We were swamped with letters, many of which longingly described pet dream cars. So, the editors asked artist Doug Rolfe to draw this set of cartoons to illustrate what might happen if Everyman would fit a car to his own personality.

SPORTSMAN’S MODEL: good on land and sea. It’s equipped with reds, pad’ dies, elephant guns, LaCrosse sticks, fencing masks and cricket bats.

HOMEBODY’S SPECIAL: this one’s just a little bit of heaven on the road. Everything really goes along—including the kitchen sink!

FAMILY MAN’S BUS: room tor all the juniors and junioresses. Porch far in the rear is for the wife, the soundproof cab a hideaway for Papa.

SPEEDSTEP’S HOTROD: this one’s streamlined, chromium, jet-propelled fob which trawl* fatter than the speed of any two motorcycle cops.

WINTER DRIVER’S CAR: has every cold-weather accessory except ear muffs. One thing wrong: it can’t be driven unless there’s a 20-inch snowfall.

TIMID SOUL’S VEHICLE: It’s got wrap-all-the-way-around fenders and four (count ’em) spare tires. Oh yes —it burns non-inflammable gas, too.

YOURS AND MINE: this is the most fantastic of ’em all. Not only does it fit our personalities but it fits our pocketbooks as well.

  1. Al says: March 9, 20097:17 am

    Considering I drove to work this morning in sleet and snow, the WInter Driver’s car sure looks good to me!

    Add 4-wheel drive and studded tires and I’d buy one! 🙂


  2. fred says: March 9, 20093:32 pm

    think the family mans should drive straight to a vasectomy clinic

  3. jayessell says: July 4, 20103:11 pm

    #1 looks like the Amphicar (1961).

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