Drive Your Own Electric Chair (Feb, 1940)

I really wanted the next line to say “to your execution”. Also, we know where this whole golf cart type thing leads.

Drive Your Own Electric Chair

ANOTHER of the many new things always popping up in California is an electric chair, operating on two 15-plate auto starter batteries. It has three speeds and reverse and at ten miles per hour consumes only 25 amperes of power. One charging will drive the chair about thirty miles. One re-charge per week is enough. It can be done over night and at a cost of twelve cents. These “cars” are used not only by the crippled but also by the aged. No license is required. A federal law permits the cripple or aged person to operate a wheeled chair on any sidewalk or street.

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  1. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: September 27, 20107:47 pm

    Sounds a little rosey on the range and time between charges.

    I can see cops handing out tickets just like they did when Segways hit the streets arguing it’s motorized so it should be on the street not the sidewalk.

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