DRUNK? (Jan, 1960)

Was The Author Of This Ad Drunk When He Typed It? The Caps Make It Pretty Damn Hard To Read!



“World Famous Since 1943”

THOUSANDS HAVE BEEN HELPED TO BREAK THE DRINKING CYCLE Does Drunkenness Threaten Your Happiness Or Your Loved Ones? This Remarkable New Discovery Quickly And Easily Helps Bring Relief From All Desire Of Liquor. This Is Strictly A Home Method. Easy To Take. Nothing Like It Before. Not Represented As A Permanent “Cure,” But It Is A Doctor’s Recognized Method Of Withdrawal Of Alcohol. You Can So To Business And Carry On Your Social Life As Usual. While Using Our Method. May Be Used Secretly For Whiskey, Wine, Beer, Sin, Etc. Improvement Is Noticed In A Remarkably Short Time. The Price Is Amazingly Low. Only $10.00 For The Entire Method, Formula, and Instructions. This Is The Only Method That Guarantees Satisfaction Or Your Money Refunded. You Will Bless The Day You Saw This Ad As Thousands Have Already Done. Mail Your $10.00 With Order Or Pay Postman When You Receive Package.


P.O. Box 42 Rugby Sta., Brooklyn 3, N.Y.

  1. Charlene says: December 26, 20088:24 pm

    I don’t know, but the drinking didn’t hurt him: he’s still alive and editing on Wikipedia.

  2. John M. Hanna says: December 27, 200812:48 am

    Is the guy in the ad supposed to be the doctor who created the cure or an actual drunk guy with a weeks growth of beard?

  3. Neil Russell says: December 27, 200812:54 am

    Looks like the Post Office got in on his wayward use of caps in 1973


    Oh wait, I guess it was because the product was bogus

  4. Toronto says: December 28, 200811:10 pm

    There’s a funny typo/scanning error in the article – “Sin” instead of Gin.

  5. bilbo says: December 13, 201012:53 am

    I’ve seen this crazy style of typing many many times, especially in ebay listings and in Comic Sans font. And the culprit is usually an AOL user.

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