Dry Cleaner, Washer Combined (May, 1930)

Dry Cleaner, Washer Combined

THIS device, known as the Duette, is a combination washing machine and dry cleaner. The Duette is constructed from heavy corrugated steel to withstand any hard usage. It is foolproof and may be assembled or taken apart in about 30 seconds.

When used as a washing machine, will wash clothes in three minutes.

  1. Charlene says: June 13, 20111:23 pm

    You see these in antique stores from time to time. The company made most of the money on their proprietary dry cleaning fluid – they warned against using normal flammable dry cleaning fluid in the machine.

    The Duette will hold one twin sheet, or about a week’s worth of ladies’ lingerie. This is not a coincidence; the machine was marketed mainly towards single women living in big cities (then called “career girls”) who sent their sheets, towels, etc. out to a laundry service but who wanted a cheaper way to launder their silky unmentionables and better clothing.

  2. Toronto says: June 13, 20113:59 pm

    For a second I thought this was another hurdy-gurdy.

  3. Toronto says: June 13, 20114:00 pm

    For a second I thought this was another hurdy-gurdy.

    That would be too much.

  4. Vince says: September 27, 20111:51 pm

    I own a Duette Dry Cleaner.Is there a value on it within the antique market?

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