Dry Shaver (Sep, 1956)

Dry Shaver

This month’s BRIGHT IDEA

THIS handy new pocket-size dry shaver can be used in an emergency or for a quick shave for a date. Dubbed the Rally, you simply roll the cutting head over your beard to shave. It won’t cut or burn your skin and is easily carried in your pocket when not in use. A Swedish import, the Rally is available at Post-Way Shaver, 30 East 20th Street, New York, N.Y.

  1. Davo says: October 17, 20112:39 pm

    This is a lawnmower for your face!!!

  2. Peter L Windley says: August 14, 201210:13 am

    I have one of the Rally Shavers, I am trying to find out who made it, I see that it was made in Sweden but I have not located the Manufacturer or the Inventor, It does not have a patent number or a Trade Mark that I can find at this time.
    The Rally was available from Post-Way, New York but I doubt if they are still going ? maybe they have been taken over by another company or it was just a trading name for one of the big companies Braun, Gillette, etc
    Can anyone help

  3. mostasedd says: September 13, 20157:48 am

    I have a one of this
    The piece inherited from my father. It’s totally like new with the cover I like it
    I’m from Egypt and ask how he gets it

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