Dummy Tire Gives Custom Look (Nov, 1953)

Dummy Tire Gives Custom Look

Car owners who like the stylish look of the old Lincoln Continental can have it at practically no cost. I used a discarded 6.70-by-15 tire that had worn smooth, a stick of wood, a chrome wheel-rim insert for a 6.00-by-16 tire and two 4″ bolts.

I sawed off the bottom of the tire to rest flat on the gravel shield, giving the appearance of being recessed in the shield. Next I drilled two holes in the wood to match those in the license bracket on my 1949 Dodge and inserted the stick in the tire as shown in the sketch. I then bolted this
assembly and the license to the bracket on the deck lid. After cutting the rim insert, I sprung it into place on the tire bead and painted the tread area of the tire black. —A. W. Baldwin, Washington, D.C.

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  1. Large Filipino says: January 22, 20088:40 pm

    Where’s the rim? Or even a hub cap?

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