DYNO-WHEEL Drives New MOTOR BUS (Jun, 1935)

While this does look fun, it seems like one would want a bus to have a bit more stability. A bus that hurls hurling passengers around would not be that fun to ride on.

Check out the history of mono-wheel vehicles here. (via)


Rolling along on a single huge wheel, this motor bus combines safety with high speed.

PROMISING to revolutionize the field of motor transportation, the new Dyno-Wheel bus operates upon practically the same principle as the tiny “Dynasphere” auto which was successfully built by Dr. J. A. Purves of Taunton, England, some years ago.
A single huge drum wheel supports the car at high speeds. Control wheels on either side are raised or lowered in response to the steering gear, to tip the bus slightly and change the direction of travel. Small fore and aft wheels come into action only when stopping or starting. A stabilizing fin keeps the car level at high speeds.

  1. timis says: September 16, 20071:51 pm

    and they say that an american invented that…some kind of moto…almost like that…based on a big wheel… idiots. whas even build one of those?

  2. ônibus uniciclo - Glúon /blog says: February 23, 20098:35 am
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