Health Bread Made From Seaweed (Dec, 1931)

By 1931 the hippies already had a strong foothold in California. Now all they had to do was wait…

Health Bread Made From Seaweed
BREAD made of kelp, or seaweed, was placed on sale recently in Ojai, California, a little town near the Pacific coast. Though wheat was on sale at as low a price as 25 cents per bushel, William Baker, who introduced the new bread, claims that his innovation is rapidly becoming popular because of its peculiar flavor.

  1. Diana says: June 9, 200811:48 am

    That looks amazing! Does this still exist?

  2. antony jesu prabhu says: March 23, 20094:31 am

    hi sir, i am a student from India, currently persuin masters. your work is very attracting, i really believe that this is going to hit success in the future , if not now. I have an assignment on products from seaweeds so , Could you please furnish me with the detailed procedure or the protocol for preparing seaweed bread.thank you.

  3. Scarlet Formichelli says: June 30, 20111:33 am

    Do you by chance have any further specific information you could give us about on this subject? If so that would be terrific. Thanks!

  4. John says: June 30, 20116:40 am

    Scarlet Formichelli » Who is this “you” person that you think your asking? You are aware that this article was published in 1931?

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