Early Car Wash (Nov, 1934)

Endless Chain Conveyor Moves Cars Thu Auto Laundry

Borrowing an idea from the assembly lines of large automobiele factories, an inventive garage man has devised an endless chain conveyor system which moves cars through his auto laundry to permit a complete cleaning and polishing job in nine minutes.

The patron merely drives his car onto a guide track and steps out. A coupling chain is then attached to the front bumper and the main chain running alond the floor. A button is pressed and the car begins to move. As it passes each section of the track streams of water play on whells and body. A revoloving brush drops from a hinged support in the ceiling and cleans the top of the car as jets of water pour from the brush.

Powerful blowers then dry the car and a giant vacuum system removes the grit and dirt from both the inside and outside of the car.

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