Early Chain Saw (Feb, 1938)

Power-Driven Timber Saw Has Stationary Blade
A POWER-DRIVEN saw used to cut timber during the construction of a huge wood crib at Grand Coulee Dam in Oregon features a blade that actually stands still while the cutting process takes place. The “secret” of the novel saw is that the teeth run on an endless chain around the blade, which merely serves as a guide for the teeth as they cut into the timber. A three-horsepower compressed air motor drives the chain. The saw is so designed that it can also be used under water without impairing its efficiency.

  1. Village Idiot says: June 6, 200712:28 pm

    It runs under water? That is way cool, though I wouldn’t want to try to use that feature myself. An air-driven chainsaw is also a great idea that I’ve never seen before, and seems perfect for situations like firewood bucking or making rough-cut lumber, where the saw’s portability isn’t important or when you don’t want to breathe exhaust all day. Are there any being made now? (google thinks not)

    Judging by where the powerhead operator is standing, kickback wasn’t an issue they were aware of yet, and I hope that saw chain doesn’t bind and pull through into the other guy (or break and whip him, for that matter). And eye protection? What’s that? Yikes…

  2. Oregon Chain Saw Chain says: February 3, 20086:10 pm

    A Look at the Many Different Brands of Chain Saws on the Market…

    Chain saws are one of the tools that people use in a variety of ways. These saws can be used to cut down trees, lumber, metal and steel. These are also for cutting through products that have been made from these items too. The chain saws are deceptive …

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