Early Pay Per View TV (Oct, 1947)

It’s comforting to know that the media industry’s fascination with screwing their customers by telling them how they can use their own TVs is nothing new.

Pay-as-You-Look Television
“Phone vision,” developed by Zenith Radio Corporation, offers paying television audiences the cream of latest stage plays and movies. A combination home receiver brings in free programs as usual. Special features reach it partly by air, partly by phone line. Blurred when viewed alone (above, right), the radio image becomes clearer (left) with key frequencies received by phone. “Admission charges” go on phone bill.

  1. Gregly says: June 18, 20086:18 am

    This link describes the PhoneVision system in more detail. Apparently various companies in Chicago tried pay TV over the air several times before finally abandoning it — PhoneVision was only the first.

  2. Carlo says: June 19, 200811:30 am

    Hei ! About “Pay-Per_View TV” in my blog I have a similar article published from an Italian magazine 6 years after:


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