Earthbound Play Spaceship Made From Aircraft Drop Tank (Apr, 1960)

Earthbound Play Spaceship Made From Aircraft Drop Tank

This earthbound rocket for outer-space-minded youngsters was made from a surplus aircraft fuel tank of the drop type, plywood, and miscellaneous switches and instruments of no value, for fake controls. The “ship” is supported in a vertical position, ready for takeoff, by pieces of 3/4-in. exterior plywood cut to the shape of flight-control vanes and bolted to the tank sides in the positions shown by means of metal brackets. Inside are two platforms reached by climbing an outside ladder made of 2 x 4s and fitted with handrails which are bent from electrical conduit. Cleats of 2 x 4s nailed to the vanes and bottom of the ladder hold it in place. A short ladder inside connects the two platforms. An impressive-looking panel of controls and instruments is mounted in the “pilot’s” compartment. Mounted in the lower end of the tank is an old vacuum sweeper that may be turned on by a toggle switch on the instrument panel. The whine of the vacuum provides an atmosphere of authenticity to impress backyard “space cadets.”

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  1. Neil Russell says: January 24, 20085:26 pm

    Add a coffee pot, a comfy chair, and a place for the laptop and I’d be in that thing right now!
    On the lower floor it could have an icemaker and a nice little travel bar for those out-of-this-world martinis

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