Easter Eggs Masquerade as Cartoon Characters (May, 1938)

Easter Eggs Masquerade as Cartoon Characters

Easter eggs may be transformed into likenesses of cartoon and nursery-tale characters, with attractively colored cut-outs now available in book form. Each design provides both a base and a headpiece for a tinted egg, as shown, and the book contains materials for dressing up twenty eggs in different guises.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 1, 201111:48 am

    I guess copyright laws weren’t as stringently enforced in the 30’s.

  2. Mike says: April 1, 20112:52 pm

    No I don’t think they were. Seems I remember some story about Disney and copyrights. He realized their was money to be made in licensing his product.

    This is how they decorate eggs now.

  3. Stephen says: April 2, 20116:24 am

    I don’t think you could stop private individuals painting eggs to look like Mickey Mouse anyway.

  4. Mike says: April 2, 20114:15 pm

    No, you couldn’t stop them from painting eggs but you could stop them from selling those eggs once they were painted.

  5. Charlene says: April 5, 20118:20 pm

    You could certainly stop them from copying drawings, transferring them to cardboard, and selling them for profit.

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