Ecstasy. At a price that won’t cause too much agony. (Feb, 1972)

Ecstasy. At a price that won’t cause too much agony.

Before the ecstasy of listening to your new stereo equipment comes, alas, the agony of shopping for it —the frustration of wanting this feature, and that spec, and finding that your budget won’t quite cover it.

Sony has something to ease the pain. The STR-6036. An FM Stereo/AM-FM receiver for the man with a small room, a small budget, but big ears nonetheless.

It’s an inexpensive receiver that doesn’t sacrifice performance, specifications, control flexibility, sound quality, or even looks.

What it does sacrifice, of course, is just a bit of power. The STR-6036 delivers 50 clean watts of IHF dynamic power at 4 ohms*. That’s quite enough to drive even most low-efficiency “bookshelf” speakers, even if it’s not enough to rival the power company, or to let you bust your buttons bragging about it.

The tuner, though, makes no concessions: It has a sensitive, overload-proof FET front end. And ceramic i.f. filters that increase selectivity and never need realignment. Plus a tuning meter for both AM and FM.

The controls have all the flexibility you’d expect from Sony: tape monitor, main/remote speaker selector, switchable loudness, even front-panel microphone input jacks.

And the control feel is typical Sony, too — firm, silky-smooth and positive. So the pleasure begins at your fingertips, even before your ears can start enjoying. Your pleasure will deepen to ecstasy when you hear the low price. As will your dealer’s when you buy one. Sony Corporation of America, 47-47 Van Dam Street, Long Island City, N.Y. 11101.

*IHF standard constant supply method.

The SONY 6036 Stereo Receiver

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  1. Stephen Edwards says: December 16, 20123:09 pm

    0.8% THD at rated power? Doesn’t exactly sound like it doesn’t sacrafice performance or specifications. Definitely a beautiful exterior, though; much better than the above picture: http://www.thevintagekn…

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