Edison Memorial Bulb Ready (Feb, 1938)

While we’re on the topic of Edison, what better way to memorialize him than with a giant light bulb.

Edison Memorial Bulb Ready

A GIANT electric light bulb, 14 feet high, which will surmount the $100,000 Edison Memorial Tower at Menlo Park, N. J., in commemoration of the invention of the incandescent lamp by the famous inventor, has been completed. The bulb, in position atop the 150-foot tower, will also serve as an airways beacon.

The bulb consists of 164 pieces of glass cast in two-inch diamond patterns around a steel skeleton frame. The interior features 960 incandescent lights and a 24-inch reflector.

  1. Eeyore says: February 11, 20081:45 pm

    The Edison Memorial Tower that displays this giant bulb is still visitable in what is now Edison, NJ.


    There’s even a small museum, though the larger labs were moved to Michigan by that crazy weirdo Henry Ford.

  2. jayessell says: February 11, 20083:42 pm

    The Edison Museum, not open to the public
    Its haunted towers rise into the clouds above it
    Folks drive in from out of town
    To gaze in amazement when they see it
    Just outside the gate I look into the courtyard
    Underneath the gathering thunderstorm
    Through the iron bars, I see the Black Maria
    Revolving slowly on its platform
    In the topmost tower, a light burns dim
    A coiling filament glowing within
    The Edison Museum, once a bustling factory
    Today is but a darkened, cobweb covered hive of industry
    The tallest, widest and most famous haunted mansion in New Jersey
    Behind a wooden door, the voice of Thomas Alva
    Recites a poem on a phonograph
    Ghosts float up the stair, like silent moving pictures
    The loyal phantoms of his in-house staff
    A wondrous place it is, there can be no doubt
    But no one ever goes in, and no one ever goes out
    So when your children quarrel and nothing seems to quell them
    Just tell them that you’ll take them to the Edison Museum
    The largest independently owned and operated mausoleum

    The Edison Museum
    By: They Might Be Giants

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