Educated Clock Sings, Talks, and Plays the Pipe Organ (Jul, 1934)

Educated Clock Sings, Talks, and Plays the Pipe Organ

A CRIPPLED inventor of Akron, Ohio, has recently completed what he believes is the world’s most wonderful clock. The remarkable instrument gives the comparative time in 27 different cities. In addition, it sings, talks and plays a reedless pipe organ every hour.

Every day the clock commemorates the death of America’s martyrs. At the hour of Lincoln’s funeral it recites the Gettysburg address. The time of President McKinley’s burial is marked by a playing of the old hymn, “Lead, Kindly Light.” At the hour of President Garfield’s interment, the remarkable timepiece plays “Gates Ajar.”

Valued at $50,000, the educated clock was built by 70-year-old Marvin Shearer after ten years of painstaking work. The clock contains 5000 pieces of wood, a mass of electrical control wires several miles in length, and is twice the height of an ordinary man.

  1. dave says: July 17, 20117:26 pm

    Wonder if that clock still exists. It sounds pretty awesome.

  2. Toronto says: July 17, 20118:09 pm

    He seems to have been a known artist (if not inventor) so you’d think so. Hope it wasn’t turned in for the brass content in WWII.

  3. John says: July 17, 20118:20 pm

    dave ยป Haven’t found if it still exists but I found it was called “The Electrical Wonder”
    The really odd thing is that there is a writeup on a very similar clock by him in a 1904 book on carpentry and woodworking.

  4. Donna Shearer Cotter says: November 19, 20112:39 pm

    There were actually TWO clocks.

  5. Donna says: May 1, 20132:35 pm

    Marvin Shearer was my Grand-father. I have searched everywhere for one of his clocks. I did trace the “Electric Wonder to the Hotel Lobby of the Ritz in New York City but when it was remolded they got rid
    of the clock. No one there has been there long enough to know what happened to it.
    If anyone ever locates one of them PLEASE e-mail me at [email protected].
    Here is what I know of his works.

    Marvin carved a clock that was eight feet wide and thirteen feet high. It was called the ELECTRIC WONDER.
    He started this clock in 1927 and completed it in 1931.
    He also carved a second smaller clock. And perhaps a third. There is article in “The New York Times” dated April 7,1909 about a “Wonderful Clock Made by Cripple”.
    Another article I found was in The “Omaha World Hearld” dated November 15, 1903 titled, ” Queer Clock That Tells Many Things an Ohio Man Works on for Three and a Half Years”.

    The Electric Wonder

    This exhibit took 15 months to design. It contains 7172 pieces of
    wood from 32 different countries,
    from all parts of the world.

    Has nearly 1-1/2 miles of electric wire, 17 clock dials, gives time
    in all parts of the world.

    Shows important events of United States History from 1492 to 1934.

    Our Navy of 47 ships pass by according to their classification.
    Tells the weather conditions 24 hours in advance. Plays a reed less pipe
    organ, only one of its kind in the world.

    Shows and gives the Funeral Marches of our assassinated Presidents.

    Shows the goddess of Liberty or eternal light in memory of American
    soldiers who lost their lives while in service for their country. Has
    chimes, harps, electrical cascade, electrical railway, airship and
    dirigible. Also, Indian History and Arrow Heads of the lone Indians
    from the Battle field of Custers Last Fight.

    The Electric Wonder is 13 feet high, weighs 3800 lbs. has 168
    electric lights and took 19,000 hours or nearly 7 years to build.

    Has been endorsed by leading electricians and engineers of today.
    It is a merit to its maker as well as mankind.

  6. quadibloc says: May 4, 20133:33 am

    The clock described here may have been the one he originally made for the 1933 Century of Progress Chicago World’s Fair.

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