Eerie Flight (Apr, 1947)

Eerie Flight was “Slick” Goodlin’s description of his 19 minutes in the XS-1. He and the plane, above, were dropped from the belly of a B-29 at 27,000 feet. Once, to feel it out, he shot the XS-1 up to 550 mph. This summer he’ll try to crash the sonic barrier. He predicts 1,000 mph. (See Bell’s XS-1, MI, Oct. ’46.)

  1. KHarn says: February 14, 200911:51 pm

    Goodlin later said that he had a “handshake deal” with Bell to fly faster than sound, but that military wanted Yeager “for the publisity”. He even claimed that a roumer was started that Goodlin was holding out for more money to discredit him.
    Other fast-flyers included Jimmy Mattern in a P-80 (Mach .9) and two fighter pilots who in 1943, were said to have reached 725 mph by power-diving their P-47s. Like other early super-sonic flyers, they learned that their flaps became useless and had to use their trim tabs to slow down and pull out of their dives.

  2. Toronto says: February 15, 200912:58 am

    Didn’t a Spitfire hit .92 or something? (In a dive, of course.)

  3. KHarn says: February 16, 20098:41 pm

    Yeah, I heard something about that, TORANTO,

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