effortless dictation (Sep, 1958)

effortless dictation

is what you get with the automatic dictating machine To operate, simply pick up mike and talk. The new Dictaphone TIME-MASTER goes on the instant you pick up the microphone. And you can start talking immediately—there’s no waiting for warm-up, thanks to transistors. Result: time saved, money saved.

Your essential controls are right on the microphone, under your thumb. And they’re all touchbuttons. The closest thing yet to automation in dictation, this astonishingly automatic new TIME-MASTER is the most expensive machine in the world—to be without.

You can find your place at a glance . . . easily spot parts you want to play back, because the Dictabelt record lets you see recording take place. Nothing’s hidden. What’s more, Dicta-belts can not be erased by accident. You never waste time re-thinking, re-recording.

But you really have to see and try this wonderfully obliging machine to believe it. Call your local Dictaphone office for a free demonstration. Then use it and see for yourself how much time and effort—and that means good cold, hard, folding cash—you’ll save.


  1. Torgo says: September 2, 20099:23 pm

    Dictaphone battling back against tape recorders.

  2. Firebrand38 says: September 2, 20099:42 pm

    Torgo: Not in 1958. Dictabelts were way easier to insert and remove than threading magnetic tape (or wire) from spools. It wasn’t until the cassette in the 1960’s that magnetic tape dictation devices were accepted.


  3. Randy says: September 2, 200910:51 pm

    That may be so, Firebrand38, but I remember using a Dictaphone machine in the late 1970’s. Same format as the machine depicted in this ad, but magnetic belt rather than physical groove belt. The belts were housed in individual paper sleeves, if my memory isn’t tricking me.

  4. Randy says: September 2, 200910:56 pm

    OK, ctrl-f Magnabelt at http://www.precision-ar… I’ll look for a better source.

  5. Firebrand38 says: September 3, 200912:17 am

    Randy: Oh, for sure the mechanical belts were replaced by magnetic! Remember this ad was from 1958 and previous attempts didn’t catch on http://blog.modernmecha…

    Try this link for the Magnabelt: http://www.videointerch…

    Fascinating story here http://www.recording-hi…

    And for a while people liked the fact that Dictaphone belts (plastic) couldn’t be erased.

  6. Randy says: September 3, 200912:33 am

    Oh yeah–probably around 1972 and the 18-minute gap. 🙂

    The Dictabelt reminds me oddly of the embossed plastic records companies used to put on the back of ceareal boxes…

  7. Sean says: September 3, 20097:45 am

    Personally, I like the idea of using cherry Fruit Roll-Ups as a storage medium, as shown above. Easy disposal in case of emergency.

  8. Medical-Transcriptionist says: September 9, 20095:15 pm

    All those years of using that technology and STILL the doctors can’t use them right, or dictate INTO them properly; 6-8 years of medical school and they STILL screw up, and _I_ have to type it, no matter where they stick that microphone (or where I’d like to stick it after a 45-minute report punctuated by “ahhhh” and “hmmmmm”, muttering, malaprops, garbled drugs, poor grammar, crappy accents and 20 minutes of silence).

  9. KA Turner says: October 2, 200910:21 pm

    The Dictabelt was used (if I remember) to record Lyndon Johnson’s swearing-in as President in 1963 after the Kennedy Assassination. The Dallas Police also recorded radio transmissions on this or the radio medium. Granted the quality was not good but I read a story about a small-town radio station which used a device for transcribing- and airing- recorded material. It may have been magnetic as mention is made of the belt’s reuse.

  10. Jeffro says: May 5, 20114:07 am

    Not unlike this http://www.bl.uk/online… and early ‘BlackBox’ flight recorders

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