Egg-Shaped Wheels Pull Through Mud Without Chains (Sep, 1949)

Egg-Shaped Wheels Pull Through Mud Without Chains

Wheels with “corners” on them may seem useless, but a New York inventor believes such “flat” wheels may replace the track-type drive on military vehicles and tractors. Each driving unit is actually a pair of oval wheels synchronized with their long axles at right angles to each other. This means that the point of one wheel and the flat part of the other are in contact with the ground at the same time. The wheels are mounted on a rocker arm attached to the axle, thus the wheel unit rocks up and down while the axle remains steady. Tests in mud and deep ruts show that the wheels do not slip or bog down and, according to the inventor, John F. Kopszynski, they outperform continuous treads used on tanks and bulldozers. On smooth roads, the rocker arm enables the unit to travel up to 25 miles an hour with no unusual vibration. All parts are hermetically sealed and maintenance is simpler and cheaper than on tracked vehicles. Still not in production, the wheels are undergoing extensive tests.

  1. Kryten007 says: July 31, 200712:50 pm

    But what’s a young Jon Stewart doing there on the left?

  2. Blurgle says: August 1, 200712:34 am

    Jon Stewart or James Dean?

    Also, one minute to make a long-distance call?

  3. mickey says: December 5, 20081:25 pm

    tracks, however, do better to distribute weight evenly and provide a stable base

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