EI Picturescope (Feb, 1960)

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EI Picturescope

Back in 1929, a pretty girl who wanted to listen to a portable radio had to have a weightlifter for a boy friend. Nowadays, a pert lass, such as West German starlet Maria Perschy, can “lug” her own portable, in this case a Telefunken. Sports attire also seems to have dwindled over the years.

So you want a bank loan, eh? At lower left, unbeknownst to the applicant across the desk, London bank executive views his account and ledger records via Marconi closed circuit TV to determine how much credit to extend.

A transistorized radio which tunes the standard AM broadcast band is shown looped over the ear of lovely Karin Krause in Frankfurt, West Germany. In her hand is a second receiver with a wire antenna that can pull in stations within a 15 mile radius. A tiny battery supplies enough power for 150 hours of operation. Tuning this lilliputian unit is done by changing inductance of a tuning coil. They can be converted to receive other frequencies.

Typewriting, which normally requires considerable finger dexterity, may now be accomplished by handicapped persons who do not have the use of their hands. An electric typewriter has been hooked up with an “upright keyboard.” Behind each letter or character on the board is a photo cell. In order to activate any given key, the patient simply aims a light strapped to his head at the appropriate “hole” in the board. Yes, it takes much practice.

  1. Charlene says: March 26, 20106:11 am

    She could put out an eye with those things.

  2. Toronto says: March 26, 20108:17 pm

    Nice wearable radio.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: March 27, 20108:58 am

    I like the bank exec secretly viewing the customer’s bank record.

    Was this so good compared with the old-fashioned “open a paper file and look at the papers” method?

    The implication is that the borrower would normally get a loan based on his smile—and seeing the exec look at papers might diminish that smile…

  4. KD5ZS says: March 27, 20102:32 pm

    Well they do that essentially now, but they are looking at the applicant’s finances via computer.

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