Elanor Roosevelt’s Furniture Factory (Oct, 1931)


The “first lady” of New York State, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, wife of the Governor, runs a furniture factory of her own, when she is not busy presiding as hostess at official parties. Unlike many hobbies, this one of Mrs. Roosevelt’s is said to be a paying business. The factory, an attractive three-story frame structure, is hidden behind trees and shrubbery on Mrs. Roosevelt’s Hyde Park, N. Y., estate. Here a corps of competent craftsmen execute designs under Mrs. Roosevelt’s supervision. Her home is furnished with some of the products of the factory, and others find a ready public market. Mrs. Roosevelt visits the factory when possible.

  1. Ron Boto says: March 2, 200812:26 pm

    This is a very interesting fact about Mrs. Roosevelt that I had never heard. It only goes to show how important and beneficial it is to read reliable information rather than just accept someone’s often biased input.

  2. howard benham says: April 4, 20115:58 pm

    i have a table its is a double gate leg with Mrs Roosevelt,s name on the drawer and the date 1934 does anyone have an idea of value

  3. Don says: April 4, 20116:48 pm

    @Howard: To find out, take it to Antiques Roadshow when it comes near you . . . .

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