Electric Bath Fights Disease (Jun, 1932)

This looks like a brilliant idea.

Electric Bath Fights Disease
SOME London hospitals are now equipped with the latest in scientific methods of combatting disease, the electro-therapeutic bath.

The diseased patient sits comfortably, as the photo below shows, with his hands and feet in small tubs. The artificial fever is produced in the body by the passage of an electric current which combats the disease germs and hastens recovery.

The electric current is run into the solution in the tubs through electrodes. The intensity of the current can be altered by rheostats on the control board shown in lower left corner of the photo.

  1. Githyanki says: June 16, 20076:27 am

    Trying to get the current to the right level to kill the germs, but not enough to kill the patient. Kinda like Kemo.

  2. Blurgle says: June 16, 20076:44 am

    I read about this once in a medical history book. It worked okay, but not great, and had the disadvantage of triggering heart attacks – and not always in older or less fit people. But before sulfa drugs and antibiotics it was a useful tool.

    I wonder if this would be of any use in antibiotic-resistant infections, especially in children.

  3. Village Idiot says: June 19, 20074:29 pm

    Anybody know if Hulda Clark has seen this?

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